Chris Donahue


I am currently a PhD student at the University of California, San Diego studying computer music. I am jointly advised by Miller Puckette (music) and Julian McAuley (computer science). My main research focus is machine learning for audio signal processing and music information retrieval.

In 2013, I received a BS in computer science from the Turing Scholars Program at the University of Texas at Austin. In 2016, I received an MA in computer music from UCSD.


Work Experience


I enjoy developing real-time audio applications. Using the Web Audio API, I built a waveshaper and a tree-based synthesizer. I also wrote a mobile-friendly music controller networked to a multi-user sound-synthesis server. Using JUCE, I built a VST plugin called melder (Windows binary) that performs real-time, multichannel convolution reverb. As a project for a graphics course, I wrote a 3D spectrogram (code). When I lived in Austin, I played in a band called Food Group. If you're insane, you might be looking for my Ph.D. qualifying examination.

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